Friday, 29 May 2020

Do you suffer from frequent neck and/or shoulder pain?

Do you suffer from frequent neck and/or shoulder pain?

DO you feel exhausted at the end of the day? Does your neck hurt and do you have frequent headaches? Have you considered that head posture may be the cause?

When your head is positioned correctly the opening to your ear is centred over your shoulder.

If your ear opening is off centre in front of your shoulder then you have forward head posture.

For every inch that your head is off centre, extra unnecessary weight is exerted on the neck and upper back muscles, making them work harder to support your head.

If you are hunched over a computer all day, always cradling a phone between your ear and your shoulder, or driving a car for long periods, then these activities can cause forward head carriage. Left untreated, this can cause disc compression and poor health.

Chiropractic care can be effective in reversing forward head posture, reducing pain and preventing further deterioration of the spine.

Also, if you can, get up from your desk and stretch every 15 to 20 minutes and focus on your posture.

Here at Henley Chiropractic Centre, as well as chiropractors our clinic benefits from the services of complementary therapists. Acupuncture is provided by Peter Linthwaite; our massage and reflexology therapist is Karina Phillips; Carron Maher offers chiropody; and Hannah Keildson provides nutritional advice for food intolerances and skin allergies.

Stuck for ideas for a Christmas gift? We have gift vouchers for all our therapists and for an initial chiropractic screening or treatments.

For appointments with our chiropractors, our complementary therapists, for a gift voucher or for more information, call (01491) 578833 or visit www.

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