Monday, 01 June 2020

Tai chi classes are a great way to start the New Year

Tai chi classes are a great way to start the New Year

SOMETIMES described as meditation in motion, tai chi could as well be called medication in movement as there is an increasing body of evidence showing that it alleviates and prevents many health problems.

Tai chi differs from other types of exercise in several respects — movements are never forced, muscles are relaxed rather than tensed, joints are not fully extended, and connective tissues are only lightly stretched. Tai chi is suitable for anyone, from the most fit to the not so fit and even those recovering from surgery.

Tai chi also teaches us to adopt a set of principles in everyday activities in order to cultivate our health all day long. Being mindful of how we carry ourselves, how we stand, walk and sit, for example, can keep us in a constant state of cultivating our wellbeing.

Abingdon and Witney College Adult Learning, and the Three Treasures School of Tai Chi are running a class for the over-50s in the YMCA Hall, Dawson Road, Henley, from Thursday, January 9.

The weekly classes will run from 11.15am to 12.45pm. Other locations include Wallingford, Watlington, and Steventon.

For more information, visit the school’s website at or contact tutor Alan Baker on (01491) 200471 or 07971 261696. Alternatively, email

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