Monday, 16 May 2022

Online Tai Chi courses to help you cope with ageing process

Online Tai Chi courses to help you cope with ageing process

TAI CHI differs from other types of
exercise in several respects — movements are never forced, muscles are relaxed rather than tensed, joints are never fully extended, and connective tissues are only lightly stretched.

The unhurried, effortless and mindful practice cultivates a deep feeling of ease and well-being. In fact, if the experience is not comfortable and pleasurable you are probably doing something wrong.

Tai Chi also teaches a set of principles to adhere to in everyday activities such as being mindful of how we carry ourselves, how we stand, walk and sit in order to cultivate good health and functioning all day long. In this way we build up resilience of mind and body to contend with all the challenges of ageing.

Abingdon and Witney College Adult Learning in partnership with the Three Treasures School of Tai Chi are running online classes for the over 50s on Monday mornings or Thursday afternoons from January 11.

There will also be classes, with restricted numbers, in the YMCA hall in Lawson Road, Henley, on Thursdays from 11.15am to 12.45pm on dates to be confirmed.

For more information, visit or call tutor Alan Baker on (01491) 200471or email

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