Wednesday, 19 January 2022

Pilates classes are back in halls, come and join us

Pilates classes are back in halls, come and join us

PILATES ABC Henley hall classes are restarting as of the second week in June. Come and join us!

Our gentle workouts will enable you to understand more about your body and help you explore new ranges of movements.

Use of small, subtle movements combined with breath work will help tone your body, encourage you to relax and release, and help improve rib and hip movement.

The exercises help with both back and joint pain and further help develop the bond between mind and muscle to activate our deep trunk stability muscles.

Exercises are adapted to suit the individual and their specific needs.

Classes include exercises for a wide range of clients, including long covid, ante- and post-natal, dyspraxia, balance, diastasis recti (separated tummy muscles), arthritis, breathing, falls prevention, hip and knee replacements, osteoporosis, Parkinson’s and scoliosis. Beginners are welcome.

Spaces are limited. Cll Alyth Black on 07521 699265 or email for more information and to book a session.

Or visit

Hall sessions: Tuesday, Shiplake, 10am, 11.15am, noon: Wednesday, Sonning Common, 10am, 11.15am, Shiplake, 6.30pm, 7.45 pm; Thursday, Henley, 7pm, 8.15pm.

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