Friday, 21 January 2022

Discoloured teeth can be treated in a single visit

Discoloured teeth can be treated in a single visit

DO you have discoloured teeth? Have your teeth got different colour spots on them? Have these spots been there your whole life?

Did you know there is now a treatment available to treat these spots without having to pick up a dentist’s drill.

At Wood Lane Dentistry we can treat the discolorations of the teeth using minimally invasive methods without removing any healthy tooth tissue from the surface.

We have experience of treating brown, white and multi-coloured spots on teeth using the latest technology and techniques to help give you the smile you have always wanted.

Spots can occur due to trauma, demineralisation, fluorosis and enamel defects.

They can be present on teeth when they first erupt or become apparent later in life. Here at Wood Lane Dentistry, we will use a treatment called Icon which will help remove and eliminate patches or marks on the tooth surface.

No needles, no drilling, and results can be achieved in a single visit.

The treatment is painless and effective in a high percentage of cases. Icon can be used on children and adult patients and has no long-term negative consequences on the teeth.

Call now to book in for a consultation with our leading Icon dentist, Dr Kiran Shankla.

Wood Lane Dentistry is based at 37 Wood Lane, Sonning Common, RG4 9SJ.

For more information, call Wood Lane Dentistry on 0118 972 2626 or visit

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