Wednesday, 16 June 2021

Facelift treatment without surgery

A REVOLUTIONARY new facelift treatment which generates results without the invasive side-effects of surgery is being offered by Henley Medical Aesthetics.

The Silhouette Soft facelift, known as the “lunch hour facelift” due to its 30-minute treatment time, is a ground-breaking treatment, feted as the first major development in cosmetic and aesthetic treatments since the introduction of botox.

Dr Mariette Grant, of Henley Medical Aesthetics, said: “The treatment gives a good result but not necessarily looking artificial or ‘done’. It is a much gentler treatment, giving a gradual effect. It is almost like tying a shoelace. It lifts the skin on the face and it keeps it in place with tiny little cones.”

The facelift requires a small local anaesthetic before a suture is applied with a microneedle. The facelift has two actions on the skin, firstly an immediate and discreet lifting effect, and secondly a more gradual effect which restores the skin’s lost collagen. This regenerates the skin’s buoyancy and, over time, gives more definition to the face, maintaining volume.

The effects of the facelift can last up to 18 months alongside the progressive re-absorption of collagen to plump up the skin and reverse sagging looks.

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