Monday, 26 July 2021

Specialist treatment available

HELEN Talaga has joined the dynamic team at Physiolistic, offering private neuro-physiotherapy.

Helen has 25 years of experience, as well as a master’s degree in neuro rehabilitation. Helen is well-known in the area and has close ties with the multi-disciplinary team at Physiolistic.

Neuro-physiotherapy is a specialism of general physiotherapy. Neuro-physiotherapists specialise in the assessment and treatment of individuals who have neurological conditions which are problems associated with the central nervous system, namely the brain and spinal cord.

Due to the complexities of the central nervous system, people with neurological problems can have a variety of symptoms. These may be muscle stiffness or spasms (commonly called spasticity), weakness of muscle, tremor or problems with sensation etc.

These symptoms can lead to problems with everyday activities such as walking, getting dressed and eating.Neuro-physiotherapists are trained in the analysis of “normal movement”. This involves knowing how the body moves in “normal situations” and how the biomechanics of the body work to allow efficient movement. Physiolistic is also experienced in managing and treating the problems associated with a neurological injury.

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