Wednesday, 23 June 2021

Benefits of correct posture

OLD age is often associated with physical and mental deterioration.

As we get older physical and stress related disorders can be compounded by unconscious misalignment of posture and incorrect use of the body. Many older people experience falls which may result in fractures. In the UK, around 30 per cent of people over 65 and 50 per cent of the over-80s will fall each year, according to Age UK.

Research for the American and British Geriatrics Societies has shown Tai Chi exercise can improve balance, reduce falls and increase leg strength. It has also been shown to lower stress hormones, enhance respiratory and immune function and promote emotional well-being. Tai Chi can reveal what correctly aligned natural posture feels like and how to maintain it. Exercises are designed to promote relaxation in activity and lead to the application of this principle in everyday life. Tai Chi exercise also promotes deeper and more beneficial breathing. In partnership with Oxfordshire County Council Learning Skills Agency and supported by Age UK, a class specifically for the over-50s will start at Henley YMCA Hall on September 18. For details visit or contact the tutor Alan Baker on 01491 200471.

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