Tuesday, 22 June 2021

Learn Pilates from an expert

YOU may remember Tracey Davis — she ran Anna’s Wardrobe in Henley for 10 years.

From tailoring costumes for Cats to running the fashion boutique, she was busy.

Now the mother-of-two is featured in Pilates for Life, a new fitness book by Lynne Robinson, who was dubbed “the queen of Pilates” by The Times. A recognised body control Pilates teacher, Tracey runs one-to-one and group classes in Gallowstree Common. She has also covered for colleagues at LA Fitness, Pure Stretch and British Gas in Reading.

She says: “I specialise in osteoporosis, scoliosis and breast cancer rehabilitation. A great deal of my clients are women. Most are one-to-one sessions but I love working with group classes, especially those new to Pilates. I am very lucky — everyone is very focused and inevitably they become very supportive of each other.”

Sartorielle is derived from the word sartorius, the muscle on the inside of the thigh also known as the “tailor’s muscle” from the common motion of tailors crossing their legs to sit while working.

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