Monday, 26 July 2021

Balanced body workout can help protect the spine

IS BACK, neck and muscle pain playing havoc with your life?

Pilates ABC Henley offers a gentle way to help. Their balanced body workout uses the deep inner core muscles in the trunk and pelvic area which help to protect the spine and keep the body stable.

Leaders teach clients good posture and alignment skills which we encourage clients to take into everyday life whether in the office, the sports field, or watching TV. When applicable, staff work jointly with medical practitioners to produce a tailored programme to suit the client’s needs.

Owner Alyth Yealland trained with Body Control Pilates whose director and co-founder, Lynne Robinson, was named the “High Priestess of Pilates” by author Sophie Dahl.

Lynne said: “Pilates is brilliant for backs because it works the spine through all its planes of movement.”

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