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Learning to control your brain

Learning to control your brain

IN psychotherapy we talk about how functioning in the primitive part of our brain can be rather destructive, writes Annabel Hancock of Unleash Your Soul.

The more we function in this part of the brain, the more likely we are to suffer from depression, anxiety and a range of physical ailments (irritable bowel syndrome, chronic pain disorder, sleeping problems, immune disorders, etc).

In order to overcome any physical or emotional problems we may be suffering with, we need to stop functioning in this part of the brain and move across to our solution-focused and happy intellectual brain.

But, how do we do this?

1. Set reasonable goals.

Control is a constant. Once we gain control from doing one small thing we can move on to the next. Small goals lead to bigger goals.

2. Turn “problems” into “challenges”.

We are less likely to produce the stress hormone cortisol if we view a situation as challenging but doable rather than all doom and gloom.

3. Fake it to make it.

Even if you don’t feel happy, you can always pretend. Reset your default answer. Our brains can’t tell the difference between imagination and reality so reset your default to what or how you want things to be.

4. Surround yourself with positive people.

Our brains naturally mirror people around us, so if we are surrounded by people who are “mood hoovers” we will naturally mirror them. So switch the polarity and surround yourself with positive people.

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