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Gentle, balanced exercises in safe and supportive positions

Gentle, balanced exercises in safe and supportive positions

PILATES ABC Henley uses gentle balanced exercises to help mobilise and strengthen every muscle group in the body, including the hip and back muscles making us leaner and more flexible.

“I love watching my clients progress,” says tutor Alyth Yealland. “Their change in posture and movement as the weeks go by never ceases to amaze me.”

By using safe and supportive positions, Pilates helps to reduce strain on joints, making it ideal for all walks of life, whether a child or adult — including those aged 80 and upwards.

Private sessions are available for those who prefer individual attention or who want to work on specific areas, as well as group matwork sessions.

Classes are kept small to ensure everyone receives the attention they merit and are available for adults and children.

Benefits also include improved breathing, deep muscle toning, preventing injury, alleviating joint and back pain, boosting sports performance, improved co-ordination and relaxation.

Classes are also held for antenatal and postnatal clients, dyspraxia, balance, diastasis recti (separated tummy muscles), arthritis, breathing, falls prevention, hip and knee replacements, osteoporosis, Parkinson’s and scoliosis.

Pilates ABC classes run in Henley, Crazies Hill, Hurley, Knowl Hill and Sonning Common. A free group matwork taster is available. Beginners are welcome.

For more information, call Alyth on 07521 699265 or email

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