Wednesday, 16 June 2021

Our gift vouchers are literally a 'feel good' Christmas present

Our gift vouchers are literally a 'feel good' Christmas present

HENLEY Chiropractic Centre in West Lane embraces the skills not only of chiropractors but also offers complementary therapies and treatments.

These include nutritional testing and advice, kinesiology and reflexology from Hannah Keildson, acupuncture with Peter Linthwaite, chiropody provided by Carron Maher, and reflexology with Julia Hutchings.

All are highly qualified in their specialist fields and can offer a solution to most health problems. Staying physically fit, eating a nutritious diet that suits your body, lowering your stress levels and maintaining a correct posture will help both you and your loved ones.

One of the most frequent reasons people see a chiropractor is because they have lower back pain. It may be common but should never be considered normal.

Ageing, illness, physical activities can all cause back pain, but keeping your spine healthy with chiropractic care should actively diminish the likelihood of suffering unnecessarily.

At this time of loving and giving (but you’re not sure what to get) why don’t you give someone a very special voucher for Christmas?

Gift vouchers are available for all the therapists and chiropractors. It could just put them on the road to good health in 2017.

Call us on (01491) 578833 to find out more about how Henley Chiropractic Centre can help you stay healthy, and also solve a Christmas gift problem!

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