Wednesday, 16 June 2021

Helping you see a way forward

Helping you see a way forward

WHY does a peak in divorce and work resignations traditionally follow the festive season?

Could it be that a period of reflection leads us to wonder what we are doing with our lives?

And you don’t have to be in mid-life to be having a crisis. We all fear change at times, and that subtle fear of being stuck — unsure what we want from an uncertain situation, unable to make decisions and unlikely to follow them through. What makes the difference is clearing away the overwhelming uncertainty and seeing a way forward. That’s where life-coaching comes in.

But perhaps the first question you and your coach will answer is: “What do I really want?” Coaching uses some powerful tools that enable you to discover the answers.

An experienced life coach will skilfully question you, challenge you, offer different perspectives and then hold you accountable for action.

Overcoming fear and becoming the best possible version of you requires a partnership of trust between you and your coach, so it’s important to pick one with credibility and chemistry.

But increasingly, people are finding they don’t need to be an executive or celebrity to experience the benefits of getting this right, and having an unusually happy new year.

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