Wednesday, 21 April 2021

Everyone needs some ‘me’ time

EVERY week I am asked the same questions regarding fitness and wellbeing and they mostly all

EVERY week I am asked the same questions regarding fitness and wellbeing and they mostly all start with “How can I...?” or “How do I...?”

So let’s start with “How can I...?” Whatever it is that follows these words, the answer is usually “Let’s start off with looking at your diary and finding the gaps for where the ‘you’ time in that diary is?”

Once we have established this we can then look at the “How do I...?” question. So, how do I? Well, whatever it is — eating healthily, having more “me” time or simply just trying to exercise — then together we or you sit and find a plan that works for you.

Try it with your friends or family, work together and unite. Mostly it is really just about time-management. We can all fit things into our life, it just all depends on how prepared and motivated we are to do so.

Some people are great at it and some people aren’t, but together we can help each other to make sure that we can exercise, travel, eat healthily, raise a family and all without feeling guilty that you have dedicated time to yourself.

The guilt is what stops or prevents people from doing anything about looking after themselves, which is crazy. Aren’t we better colleagues, parents, friends, family if we have a better approach to who we are?

Everyone needs “me” time. We all need to remember the person that we are and what it is that makes us smile, breathe and simply just exist in a life where the demands overload us and the pressures are stressful.

Being in our own company with our own thoughts is a really cathartic experience. It doesn’t need to be for hours and hours, it could simply be 30 minutes where there is no iPhone, iPad, laptop, radio, TV, jobs to do around the house.

Just stop. Put everything down and sit for 30 minutes with your own thoughts, or take a walk along the river, grab lunch and think about what you would like to do today, this week, this month or this year.

Where are your personal goals and how are you going to achieve them? What are your fitness goals? How can you factor these into your day? Visit a gym, trainer or class and plan, be prepared. Do something for you.

What do you do to get time out? Do you give yourself a morning at the weekend, followed by two full days of being with the family, entertaining the spouse and making sure you have caught up with your friends? When do you stop?

Putting such pressures on our bodies, minds and souls will eventually lead to ill health and quite possibly more serious concerns — especially wellbeing — if foods are not being balanced, sleep is not being taken and vitamins and minerals are being left deficient.

On a slightly different note, I am running the London Marathon later this month and raising money for Whizz-Kidz to help give disabled children a better and more mobile life. If you would like to donate to this cause, google “Emma-Jane Taylor Virgin Money Giving”. The URL is:

Have a great month.

Emma-Jane Taylor

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