Friday, 23 April 2021

Connecting brain and body

NO other form of connection is as powerful and universal as touch.

NO other form of connection is as powerful and universal as touch.

Study upon study reveals that it is not only important for development but crucial for humans to be healthy in body and mind. Whether in giving or receiving, touch is as essential to our survival as is food.

What is it about massage and bodywork that creates such a sense of wellbeing, calm and energy?

It’s largely down to our skin, which envelops us from the day we are born and houses thousands of nerve endings and sensory receptors. Their function is to tell our brain about our surroundings and whether it is safe or not.

When therapeutic touch is given we translate this as being good for us, which triggers a cascade of feel-good hormones, boosting us on a multi-cellular level.

Our massage training centre in Henley has been offering massage workshops for beginners for seven years now and the demand for learning massage is growing.

We actively promote learning to give and receive massage as an effective antidote in relieving stress. The workshops use easy-to-grasp techniques that feel wonderful to apply but even better to receive.

Foot reflexology and stress-reducing back massage workshops are hugely popular for all the family.

In addition to our workshops we have a yoga and massage retreat running in sunny Portugal this September. For details see

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