Thursday, 22 April 2021

‘A real difference in my skin...’

AS I entered Badgemore House to meet Salinder of Salinder’s Salon, I waited in a very

AS I entered Badgemore House to meet Salinder of Salinder’s Salon, I waited in a very grand reception area, writes Karen French.

Salinder greeted me in reception and we went through to a beautiful and elegant setting with soft holistic background music with a wonderful and subtle aroma in the air.

She made me feel extremely welcome and we talked through the treatment and health questions before the treatment started.

I had opted for the dynamic ionisation, lifting stimulation and thermal energy treatments.

The whole process took approximately one hour and I have never experienced a treatment like it.

The dynamic ionisation re-awakens the energy within the skin cells while speeding up the enzyme responsible for repairing damage and stress caused to skin. This was a smoothing experience.

Salinder then talked through the next treatment which would be the lifting stimulation. This is a low-frequency treatment for optimum results. Slackened muscles are toned and skin is left firmer.

The final treatment was the thermal energy. The oxygen levels within the skin are increased, cellular regeneration is accelerated and toxins are eliminated.

At the end of the treatment Salinder handed me a mirror and I was super-excited to see a real difference in my skin.

My face looked smoother and I had a youthful glow. My eyebrows were lifted and my skin looked tighter, with any wrinkles either vanished or less obvious.

I will be recommending the Guinot Hydraderm cellular energy treatment or “the alternative to aesthetics” to my friends, and I will most certainly be returning soon for a follow-up treatment.

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