Friday, 03 December 2021

Entangled deer rescued from cricket club netting

Entangled deer rescued from cricket club netting

A DEER was rescued after getting its antlers trapped in the netting at Harpsden Cricket Club in Henley. 

The RSPCA and Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue service helped untangle the animal after a concerned walker contacted the charity last Monday. 

Andy Eddy, an inspector for the RSPCA, contacted Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue service after seeing how large and stressed the animal was.

He said: “The poor deer was well and truly entangled in the netting and thrashing around in a complete panic. 

“Judging by the churned up mud, he had been there for some time and deer can rapidly go downhill healthwise from stress so it was vital we freed him as soon as possible.

“He was a big animal with large antlers and was kicking out in a panic and I knew additional expert assistance would be needed for this rescue.”

Himself and a team from Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue service used boards to get close to the deer and place a rug over its eyes to calm it down. 

They then cut away the netting from the antlers and checked the animal over for injuries.

Mr Eddy said: “Luckily, he didn’t seem to have sustained any major injuries from his ordeal, so we gently let him go.

“He stood up and immediately trotted off into the bushes at the back of the cricket pitch.

“My thanks go to the fire and rescue team – the outcome for the deer could have been so different, but their expertise resulted in a happy ending.”

The RSPCA are encouraging people to keep a safe distance and call the charity if they spot a trapped animal. 

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