Thursday, 19 May 2022

Lifes a beach when you look after yourself

WE are so close to the summer holidays that I can smell the beaches and the suntan cream.

WE are so close to the summer holidays that I can smell the beaches and the suntan cream.

I feel the summer fun days in my bones and I can see you all looking lovingly at the ice creams, strawberries and cream, iced desserts with cherries on top and I can predict what I will be hearing in September...

— “My clothes are too tight”

— “I can’t get my jeans on”

— “I have no energy!”

So how do we get through the summer months without the constant battles of worrying about our weight, energy levels and clothes not fitting?

Simple. Just keep doing what you are doing through the beginning part of the year and balance your energy. Allow yourself a few summer treats but balance these naughty days with a few lighter days eating and by keeping up the exercise.

Adults should be doing at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity cardio exercise every week, at least two to three days resistance training — working major muscle groups through a variety of exercises and using equipment and by stretching two or three times a week to improve your range of motion. (Note: stretching is much more effective when the muscles are warm!)

Looking after your wellbeing, weight and lifestyle isn’t (or shouldn’t be) a fad. It should be a part of your life, part of your “good” habits and it should be executed with the same enthusiasm you might give to eating a chocolate bar or drinking a glass of Prosecco or pint of lager!

Habits usually come about due to childhood memories, getting poor information from faddy diets or by not understanding how your body works. Are you eating because you are hungry? Does your body need food or have you got yourself into bad habits of eating only at certain times of the day?

Why not challenge your body and metabolism. Speak to a nutritionist for advice and chat to your fitness trainer about homework throughout the summer months and keep yourself on your toes!

We make food choices for a number of reasons: physiological/knowledge, sport/dance, exercise, culture/upbringing, social, stress, pregnancy, vegetarian/vegan, peer pressure, allergies, mood/depression/illness, media, partners, money, seasons, work, senses — smell, taste, feel and sound.

Don’t let the sound of the waves, the warm balmy evenings and the lack of clothing set you into a false sense of security. Use the summer months to continue your fitness/wellbeing journey and enjoy all of these moments without feeling stressed, panicky or upset when the summer is over.

It is your life, your journey and your decisions, but if I were you my top tip would be “Enjoy it all but balance it all out...” We all need to live life, but by living the healthy way, the right way, we not only feel great but reduce risks of ill health. If you would like some support through the summer I am happy to chat to you by email. Contact me on

See you in August and enjoy the summer months, travel safe and laugh!

Emma-Jane Taylor

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