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Private approach to Pilates has benefits

SARAH PALMER, the owner of Studio One in Nettlebed, started teaching Pilates over 15 years ago.

SARAH PALMER, the owner of Studio One in Nettlebed, started teaching Pilates over 15 years ago.

At that time, the majority of people hadn’t heard of the method and were complete beginners.

She started off teaching just private sessions until there were enough clients at a similar level to be able to put them all into a group.

In Sarah’s experience, this was by far the most efficient and cost-effective way of being introduced to Pilates.

She said: “So often when meeting new clients at the studio, we hear of clients saying that they joined a group class, not knowing anything about the basic principles, and came out of their session wondering what an earth that was all about.”

Studio One is very fortunate to introduce Hannah Vassallo to our small team. Hannah is taking on all our private Pilates matwork clients, whether they are complete beginners, need to work privately due to an injury, or if clients enjoy the benefits of having a programme specifically designed for their fitness goal, or to supplement their group class.

Understanding how to perform the exercises with the right form and efficiency is vital to getting the best results from your workout.

With Hannah’s impressive background she will know all the ways clients can ‘cheat’ whilst performing movement patterns which you may well get away with in a group class.

Hannah will be wise to your muscle imbalances, predict which muscles will get lazy and which ones will attempt to dominate the exercise.

She will guide you through each exercise, watch you like a hawk and help you perform your movement patterns with precision, concentration and control. So although private sessions cost more, the ability to perfect the exercises is priceless.

Hannah trained as a professional dancer at Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance and has worked for 15 years predominantly as a principal dancer for Matthew Bourne’s New Adventures, performing and creating roles in many of his productions.

She now teaches Pilates, is a level three Body Control instructor, and is also studying to become an osteopath.

To book an appointment, please call Studio One on (01491) 641772 or email

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