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Follow our chiropractors’ tips for watching your back

LOOKING after an elderly relative or a disabled person can take its toll on a carer’s

LOOKING after an elderly relative or a disabled person can take its toll on a carer’s health — particularly their back.

For many carers, physical activity such as lifting is a significant part of their daily routine and many will not have received information about back care.

With Back Care Awareness Week (October 5 to 11) in mind, Jorgen Rasmussen and Ed Marshall from Henley Chiropractic Centre offer the following simple tips for all carers:

• Think ahead. Assess each situation and look for the easiest way to achieve the desired result using any available equipment.

• Follow the weight. Face the direction you want to carry any weight — your body is strongest when you are square on to the weight.

• Take care when lifting. Never lift while twisting from the waist. Bend your knees, have a relaxed, straight back and brace your abdominal muscles. For added stability, ensure that your feet are a shoulder width or more apart before lifting.

• Ask for training. Whether you are caring in a formal setting or helping someone at home, make sure you have been properly trained in how to use any equipment.

• Supportive shoes are essential. Wear supportive, soft-soled shoes to get a good grip on the ground.

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