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Tricks, treats and how to beat the winter blues

IT seems every season brings us unnecessary sugar in some way, shape or form and October

IT seems every season brings us unnecessary sugar in some way, shape or form and October is the witching month for a lot of people I speak to.

We have been in good shape all summer, and now we are crossing into the darker nights, cooler days and greyer skies.

The temptation to comfort eat keeps knocking at the door and our willpower lessens as we reach for that “little” treat which we “only have once a day”!

But that little treat you have once a day ends up being twice a day, or double portion as the winter sets in and the energy levels slump.

I watch people change. It’s like watching people shed skins and become fluffy eating monsters. Not everyone falls into this category, but a lot of people I speak to know this time of year is their hardest.

So how we do beat the winter blues?

We start now. Look at a new challenge you could sign up for in the winter. Maybe get a group of friends together to plan a winter walk once a week or cycle everywhere (using good lights/helmets and protection), join a gym, or a fitness/dance class.

Find an outfit you desperately want to wear at Christmas/New Year time. Try it on. How does it look? Fitting tightly? Fitting perfectly? Tell yourself you are going to exercise through the winter months and eat healthily.

Just because it is darker doesn’t mean you have to hibernate — you are not a hedgehog.

Keep moving, keep your heart rate raised with good sensible cardio activities for 150 minutes each week and make sure your fridge is stocked up with healthy wintery foods.

Make soups, stir-frys, vegetable dishes, keep your fluids up — it might be cooler but it is still important we hydrate our bodies, keep your protein levels up with good lean meats, fish, nuts/seeds and above all enjoy the autumn/winter seasons.

I have seen too much good work undone at this time of year. Don’t fall into the trap of needing more food. You really don’t unless you have suddenly grown in height/weight and are running half-marathons every day.

Remember: No matter how healthy the food you eat is, you can still be at risk of serious health problems if you eat too much or too little for your energy needs. If you’re overweight despite sticking to a healthy, balanced diet, chances are you need to cut down your portion sizes.

Have a great month, say “no to treats” and create some “tricks” that work for you.

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Happy Halloween!

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