Friday, 03 December 2021

A studio where you can take up yoga or Pilates classes

A studio where you can take up yoga or Pilates classes
IT is well known that yoga will stretch and tone muscles, improve range of movement in joints and help maintain good posture, but these physical benefits are a fraction of what yoga practice can do for health. Yoga practised mindfully (with attention and care) gives us access to our inner energies — bringing mind, body and emotions into balance.

With mindful yoga we remember how to breathe deeply, we remember how to quiet a busy mind, we remember how to relax. We can access our inner being, where peace and calm reside, which significantly reduces stress (and stress-related illness). Put simply yoga makes us feel great, on every level of our being. It is truly a path to total health.

For more details on hatha or dynamic yoga at Studio One in Nettlebed, call Jennifer Hunt on 07767 607175 or for details on the new yoga flow sessions, call Jules Morrow on 07919 022479.

Pilates at Studio One

A variety of group courses, including a new small group beginners’ course, intermediate and advanced levels and a Pilates for men session are available at Studio One. For availability, please email

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