Sunday, 21 April 2019

Find the dance that gets you moving

Find the dance that gets you moving
THANKS to Strictly Come Dancing, Got to Dance and Ashley Banjo’s Big Town Dance, more and more people are itching to have a go and find themselves a dance experience.

Victoria Porter at DanceDesign Choreography can help you do just that!

An ex-professional dancer and qualified group fitness instructor, Victoria founded DanceDesign last year and now works exclusively as a choreographer and dance tutor for weddings, hen parties, children’s parties, themed events, stage productions, fashion shows and workshops for schools.

She said: “I started DanceDesign because the more people I can get to enjoy the experience of dancing, the better!

“Over the years I’ve worked on all sorts of dance projects and what I’ve loved most is the buzz people get from moving to music, working together, performing together or just partying together. I find that lots of people love an excuse or ‘one-off’ opportunity to dance and perform!”

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