Monday, 30 November 2020

Forget detox – get fit and toned the natural way

THE most popular New Year’s resolution is yet again to lose weight and get yourself a bit fitter. But how are you going to do this?

The first step is set yourself a clear, achievable target that will make you really proud of what you have achieved, whether it be internal or external health. Only make sure it’s your goal and not anybody else’s.

One common method of losing the post-Christmas spare tyre is to go on a “detox” — whatever that is.

Detoxing unfortunately is another fad method of “healthy living” created by the food industry to convince consumers that their magic portions will scare away those demonic toxins in your body. The fact is, there are much more simple and straightforward ways of losing those extra pounds.

Here are some simple steps to propel your health forward into the New Year.

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