Friday, 27 November 2020

How to stay fit for the over 50s

I WAS having lunch with my friends and their parents on Sunday and the parents asked me what was better for them — cycling or walking.

Now, as these two are coming into their early- to mid-sixties it’s important that they walk as much as possible. If you want to age gracefully you have to accept that you might not leap out of bed as you did in your earlier years. However, with daily and weekly routines you can stay fit and healthy — and defy your age.

The majority of my clients are between 45 and 70 years young, but they all think they’re my age! They inspire me every time they come in and exceed expectations. You are never too old to start an exercise regime, and walking is a great way to start.

A recent study into exercise and ageing by scientists at the National Centre for Biotechnology in Washington explains why.

They observed two groups of 60 people aged from 50 to 70. One group was made up of ex-athletes, the other made up of people from the general population. They found that walkers and those who played racquet sports had a higher bone mineral density than those who were sedentary. Another interesting point was that when they compared the sedentary group to a group of cyclists, the latter only scored fractionally better on bone density.

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