Friday, 04 December 2020

Get the Middleton look this summer

WITH all the government advice on getting your “five a day” flying around it’s easy to eat yourself into a vegetable coma, when in fact it’s important to be aware of the quality, freshness and how many nutrients fruit and vegetables have by the time they reach our mouths.

We have an abundance to choose from, so make sure you keep your plate varied with lots of colour.

Green vegetables such as kale, spinach, broccoli and asparagus have high levels of serotonin and folate which wards off depression and enhances mood, whilst keeping the cardiovascular system at its full capacity.

Orange vegetables such as sweet potatoes, squashes, and carrots make us look a little bit younger — yes! It’s true! They contain beta carotene, vitamin C, and magnesium which work together with calcium to form collagen for the skin, and help with bone regeneration. Just don’t have too many because you might end up looking like you’ve had a fake tan nightmare.

Purple is the anti-inflammatory colour. Aubergines, red onions, red cabbage and beetroot are fantastic for providing anti-carcinogens, reducing tumour growth and giving your immune system some extra defence.

Fitness Watch