Friday, 03 December 2021

Smaller exercise class sizes mean bigger results

STUDIO One’s team, offering Pilates, StudioBarre, yoga and StudioStretch classes in Nettlebed, prides itself on having professional teachers who are highly qualified in their profession.

All of the classes at the Studio ensure the best possible technique is acquired, delivering a personal approach, with emphasis on sound movement patterns, spending time with new clients to ensure they are in the right level of class.

One of the reasons the Studio is able to achieve this, is class sizes. Numbers are kept to a maximum of 12 for intermediates and above and just eight for beginners and improvers. The various organisations the instructors are qualified with, stipulate that class numbers are limited, so clients can be sure of obtaining the best possible results.

Owner Sarah Palmer said: “I feel very proud of my clients, when I watch them perform movement patterns with precision and constant self awareness. I often see large class sizes within the fitness industry with poor posture and very little attention to detail. It’s impossible to do a good job as an instructor with too many in a class and not knowing who will turn up from one week to the next, and it’s certainly not good for the client.”

She added: “Adopting the more personal approach, and spending time with new clients to ensure they are in the right level of class, is so important. High class numbers are detrimental to the client. They don’t allow enough time for attention to detail to ensure exercises are performed correctly. Long gone are the days in exercise classes when 20 or even more in the aerobic days passed through the door. We have moved on from that and the fitness industry is now all about the teaching, not just the instructing.”

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