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How to eat for a long healthy life

ONE of the misconceptions about the Paleo diet is that it’s all about protein and fat. What many don’t realise

ONE of the misconceptions about the Paleo diet is that it’s all about protein and fat. What many don’t realise is that by eliminating refined carbohydrates, we supplement with loads of vegetables, healthy fats, nuts, seeds, berries and fruit, all of which are full of minerals and vitamins. Combine that with the improved gut health and increased nutrient absorption which happens through avoidance of grains, and you get a very balanced diet. You’d be surprised that we can get pretty much all required nutrients from animal, seafood and plant based foods.

Eat real, whole foods. This automatically eliminates a whole range of preservatives, hidden sugars, sodium, additives, colouring, artificial flavouring and who knows what else. As a result you eliminate unnecessary toxins and consume more nutrient-dense foods, plus it tastes great!

By eating this way and keeping active, most people experience weight loss and muscle growth. Clients also experience better digestion, which can help with sleep problems and reduce stress. It also reduces flatulence and the feeling of being bloated.

The paleo diet provides lots of fibre, which together with adequate water intake and a smaller intake of sodium helps to decrease the bloating many people experience on a carbohydrate-dense diet. Plus, the paleo diet helps to improve the gut flora essential for keeping a healthy digestive system.

Hunger strikes and mood swings are common symptoms for many people suffering from acute or chronic hyperglycaemia. This also happens when the blood sugar drops and the person gets a rapid onset of hunger accompanied by irritability, fatigue, disorientation, and “brain fog”. Meals consisting of protein and fat are very satisfying. The energy your body gets from fat, protein and some glucose from low-sugar carbohydrates is released slowly and evenly throughout the day. As a result, the blood sugar levels stay stable and you rarely experience energy drops. Hunger develops gradually without the crazy mood swings.

It’s also important to realise that the right fat does not make you fat. The paleo diet promotes healthy, saturated fat from grass-fed meat, poultry and seafood as well as butter and coconuts, monounsaturated fats from olive oil, nuts and seeds, a small amount of polyunsaturated fats and a healthy ratio of Omega-3 to Omega-6 fatty acids. Trans fats are not included. The right types of fat are essential in maintaining healthy arteries, brain function and healthy skin, as well as decreasing systemic inflammation.

People following the Paleo/Primal diet experience many of the following benefits:

Increased and more stable energy levels

Improved sleep

Clearer skin and healthier looking hair

Mental clarity

Improved mood and attitude

Improvements in those suffering from depression or anxiety

Less or no bloating, decreased flatulence

Sustained weight loss and fat loss

Muscle growth and increased fitness

Lower risk of heart disease, diabetes and cancer

Higher immune function and a general feeling of wellbeing

Improved glucose tolerance, a decrease in insulin secretion and increase in insulin sensitivity

Improved cholesterol

Healthier gut flora and digestion

Better absorption of nutrients from food

Reduced allergies including hay fever

Most people experience reduction of pain associated with inflammation due to the anti-inflammatory properties of this way of eating

Improvements in those with respiratory problems such as asthma

To summarise, eat high-quality, locally produced (if you can get it) meat and fish. Fill your plate with vegetables and some fruit with a sprinkle of herbs and spices. Snack on nuts, seeds and berries and low sugar fruit. Eliminate grains, and low quality dairy and refined sugars. Next month we will talk about how to move, and how to live.

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