Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Take a leaf out of Brad’s book

WE had a very exciting moment the other week when Brad Pitt’s personal trainer, Duffy Gaver, came in to our

WE had a very exciting moment the other week when Brad Pitt’s personal trainer, Duffy Gaver, came in to our gym in Bell Street. I of course wanted to pick his brains about all the secrets and shortcuts. But guess what — there are none!

If you want to look a celebrity you have to eat, sleep, think, and train like one. When an actor or actress has the pressure of looking good on camera they work their backside off to achieve it. And when your goal is that strong you will achieve success. Now I know what you thinking: I’m not Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie. But you are the star in your own life. Look deeper inside yourself to find the reason you want to change. Don’t follow the crowd in spending hundreds of pounds on these so called “health drinks” or weight loss products. You have to realise that you are the reason you will change your life. Not a gym, not your trainer, not the latest fitness fad, but you!

Alongside this unstoppable motivation that you have just found in yourself, you will need your own super star eating plan:

lCut out all processed foods — refined carbohydrates like biscuits, pastries, cereals, cakes — salty tinned foods, chocolate bars and cheap cuts of meat

lControl high-calorie foods. A baking tray full of vegetables is great but once you glug all that olive oil over it you add about 300 to 500 calories. Note: All oils contain pretty much the same amount of calories so limit yourself to one tablespoon

l Eat a high fibre diet. Vegetables, oats, sweet potatoes, quinoa, wholegrain rice and legumes are excellent for aiding digestion and give you supercharged energy for your exercise programme

l Add lean protein to every meal. Protein controls the release of sugar into your bloodstream, stops you feeling hungry and is essential for building lean muscle. Skinless chicken breast, oily or white fish, egg whites, venison, or fillet steak are all great choices

l Keep fruit intake to a minimum. Excess fructose causes too much insulin to be secreted halting all fat loss. This is mainly found in the more tropical fruits, fruit juices and dried fruit. Stick to berries

l Ignore government recommended allowances. 2,000 calories for women, 2500 for men? Yeah right. My clients who have achieved great results have stuck to a rigorous plan of exercise almost every day whether it is circuits or walking and kept a 1,500 calorie diet for women and 2,000 for men

lEarn your treats! Life is for living, so if you do go over your limit and have a few treats, make sure you work harder expending calories before you eat them.

Take this month to make your own personal goals so strong that nothing can stop you. Next month I will give you the workout that will get you started on the way to a new you.

lRichard Hawkins is a personal trainer at Expert Fitness Studio on Bell Street. Contact (01491) 413416 or go to www.expertfitnessstudio.com

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