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Impressive results for laser treatment

MORE than six weeks after my first foray into the world of laser hair removal, I must admit I was

MORE than six weeks after my first foray into the world of laser hair removal, I must admit I was pretty impressed with the results.

My initial treatment at Cannelle Beauty in Henley left my upper back smoother than the proverbial baby’s bum with practically no regrowth.

Nonetheless, since up to six sessions are advised, I returned to the salon in Hart Street, Henley, for a brief pre-Christmas zapping.

As before I was treated with Cannelle’s new Alma Soprano laser, a device that cools the skin on contact and is more or less pain-free.

The tip, which touches the skin at all times while the beam is active, is highly refrigerated and coated in a thin layer of frost. Additionally, subjects are liberally basted with a cooling gel that dissipates any excess heat.

On top of that, those of an especially sensitive disposition can be treated for slightly longer with the intensity turned down.

So far, Cannelle says its customers have found it a massive improvement over conventional laser treatments. My therapist was struck by how little fuzz had returned since my first visit, when I’d turned up resembling Bigfoot on a bad hair day.

As a result, the follow-up session was over much more quickly than the first and I felt even less discomfort than I did in November.

That’s not to say the first treatment was painful, but I definitely felt the prickle of my follicles heating up in a way I didn’t this time.

As before, there were no unpleasant after-effects to speak of: no itching, throbbing, or anything else one might expect. All in all I’d say the Soprano treatment is worth considering for any bloke who’s starting to feel like they belong in a PG Tips advert.

It’s quick, it’s painless and there will be fewer hairs to fish out of the plughole every week. What’s not to like?

Soprano laser treatments are available at Cannelle in Hart Street, Henley, for all skin and hair types.

They can be taken at any time of year and prices range from £42 to £237 depending on the area treated.

Visit or ring (01491) 575905.

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