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Forget a detox - get fit the natural way

THE most popular New Year’s resolution is yet again to lose weight and get yourself a bit fitter. If your

THE most popular New Year’s resolution is yet again to lose weight and get yourself a bit fitter. If your vow to shape is already falling by the wayside, how do you restart your determination?

The first step is set yourself a clear, achievable target that will make you really proud of what you have achieved, whether it be internal or external health. Only make sure it’s your goal and not anybody else’s.

One common method of losing the post-Christmas spare tyre is to go on a “detox” — whatever that is.

Detoxing unfortunately is another fad method of “healthy living” created by the food industry to convince consumers that their magic portions will scare away those demonic toxins in your body. The fact is, there are much more simple and straightforward ways of losing those extra pounds.

Here are some simple steps to propel your health forward.

1) Put down the fork! Yes that’s right. When you consume things such as sugar and alcohol your body stops releasing a hormone called leptin. This hormone controls hunger. Having a “fast” now and again is very healthy and has proven in recent studies to reduce body weight in individuals.

2) When is the best time to fast? If you are a commuter to the office, I suggest you only fast at the weekends. You need lots of brain energy for your daily commute — but make sure your meals are balanced and not too large to prevent you falling asleep at your desk. If you work from home or do the school run, it’s best to get up and move, drop the kids off or work out even if it’s a 30-minute walk. If you are retired, then make the most of it. Try not to go to bed on a full stomach, as it will disrupt sleep, and your food will not be digested properly and you will end up storing most of it as fat.

3) Exercise — Make sure you’re moving at least 30 minutes every day. An hour would be ideal. Balance it with walking, weight training, playing games, sports. Set yourself a fitness goal, like a 5km, charity hike etc.

4) Put the fire out. What I mean by this is that by eating lots of carbohydrates, wheat-based foods, dairy, and sugary foods inflames the cells in your body. The more inflamed your cells are the higher the chance of weight gain, illness and disease.

Eat lots of fish, venison, and vegetables. Ensure you eat a breakfast-size bowl of greens each day.

Have a look around at the faces and body shapes around you. If your face and skin is blotchy and your mid section is not how you want it, then you should probably address this issue. A great website is www.nutritiondata.self.com

This tells you about calories, and how inflammatory or anti-inflammatory your food is. The more anti-inflammatory foods you can get the more you detox your body.

Try and do this daily, instead of damaging your body for weeks and then suddenly looking in the mirror one day and thinking, I need to detox.

• Richard Hawkins is a personal trainer at Expert Fitness Studio on Bell Street. Contact (01491) 413416 or go to www.expertfitnessstudio.com

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