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Massage helps sports recovery

Spring is in the air and many of you are in serious training mode for half

Spring is in the air and many of you are in serious training mode for half and full marathons and triathlons, pushing towards faster PBs. A massage treatment that speeds muscle recovery should be an essential part of any training programme and the Ballancer Massage is your perfect training partner.

Simply lie back and relax in the compression trousers, which have 24 chambers. These chambers fill with air and massage the feet, legs and abdomen with a constant and equal pressure. The waves of massage move along the limbs; releasing the extra fluid that builds up during exercise, loosening muscle fibres, breaking down the lactic acid and flushing it through the system, delivering a highly effective deep tissue massage.

Ballancer Massage is relaxing, enjoyable and the perfect way to benefit from active sport recovery and improve your venous return. One to two hours of use can produce results that would take 12 to 48 hours to achieve with rest alone.

Reasons to use the Ballancer:

Sport recovery: The quality of this deep tissue massage speeds recovery from muscle soreness following sporting activity. It supports faster recovery and faster PBs

Muscles: The Ballancer massages deep into muscles and drains excessive liquid

Circulation: The massage techniques act as an “external heart”, enhancing circulation by gently applying one-directional undulating pressure on the peripheral veins

Lymphatic system: Lymphatic flow is enhanced, resulting in the removal of toxins

Oxygenation: blood circulation is improved, toxins are eliminated and more fresh oxygenated, nutrient-enriched blood will reach the skin cells

Skin: Ballancer massage encourages a healthy flow of freshly oxygenated blood to the skin.

Detox: Stimulation from The Ballancer massage benefits the immune system and encourages the removal of toxic build-up throughout the lymph system

Cellulite: with regular treatment cellulite can be prevented and possibly even eliminated

Enjoyment: The Ballancer massage is a relaxing and beneficial experience that leaves you feeling energised and your limbs feeling lighter

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For more information contact Ballancer Massage on 07437 888955. Find us at The Pure Stretch Studio, 45 Market Place, Henley.

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