Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Make time for your body

HERE are some good reasons why exercise is important as a way of life, whatever your

HERE are some good reasons why exercise is important as a way of life, whatever your lifestyle — make time for your body and you will feel and see the benefits that will enhance what is important in your life.

When you work out regularly, healthy eating habits follow.

Redefine your body: recent US research claims that diet fads are largely unsuccessful in losing weight whereas cardiovascular exercise and toning burns calories and changes your outline.

Exercise keeps you young and makes you live longer.

Regular exercise helps relieve and prevent many illnesses like heart disease, osteoporosis, depression and asthma. Medical research shows it is better to be overweight and fit than underweight and unfit.

Chronic back problems need mobility — stop and you stiffen up. However, it is important to stretch and exercise correctly for your problem.

Exercise and yoga lift your mood — see how you leave your world of worries outside the door of a yoga class or how your stress, frustration or depression dissipates at the end of a strong workout.

Energise. Even one workout per week will boost energy levels and lesson the effort to run for the train and you always feel much better afterwards.

Exercise, yoga and meditation stimulate the mind and aid concentration — you can achieve more by taking time out to go to a class than to remain stuck in the study or office.

The benefits of strength, flexibility balance and breathing techniques improve your total wellbeing — yoga can change your life. Yoga and exercise are all about enjoyment and time out for you — be selfish and have fun!

Pulse-8 run several fitness and yoga classes during the week at all levels and there is also a Saturday morning step/bootcamp class for a great energy burn.

For information call Shirley on (01491) 577686 or email Shirley_60@hotmail.co.uk. Alternatively find the advert in the Henley Standard with class details and come along.

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