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Summer bodies are made in the winter months

FOR years I have been banging on to anyone who wants to listen that “summer bodies

FOR years I have been banging on to anyone who wants to listen that “summer bodies are made in the winter” and as most people want to be body-ready for the summer I suggest you start now and focus your attentions.

Having said that, I would also like to stress that being fit isn’t just seasonal — it’s a lifestyle and we should all be working towards eating healthily, exercising and drinking water as part of our daily lives and have these new habits as part of our routine.

Ensuring you are keeping well (exercising and eating healthily) all year round will keep you mentally, physically and emotionally strong, as well as lowering risks for serious illnesses such as having a heart attack, stroke, or developing diabetes (to name a few).

If you are concerned about your overall health then you can see your GP for a once-over before you start any exercise plan or if you are changing your diet.

Taking the right advice from the right people is more than beneficial and cutting corners won’t be helpful in the long run.

There are many professional fitness/wellbeing instructors in the local area, as well as gyms/studios/classes to choose from, so there really is no reason for us to not be aware of keeping ourselves in good shape.

What exercise you choose to do is all dependent on what you feel you would enjoy. Do you like the outdoors? If so try a running club or bootcamp. Do you like group activities indoors? Maybe circuits, high intensity interval training, or Boxfit? Are you struggling with a weak back? Maybe pilates/stretching or core classes. Total body resistance or suspension training is popular for strength/body control.

Speak to someone professional and seek good advice, take recommendations and focus on your journey, not someone else’s. Choose your long-term and short-term goals based on what it is you want to achieve in your fitness and wellbeing journey.

Exercise has many benefits, but the NHS website confirms that people who regularly exercise have an up to 35 per cent lower risk of coronary heart disease and stroke; up to 50 per cent lower risk of type two diabetes and colon cancer; up to 20 per cent lower risk of breast cancer; a 30 per cent lower risk of early death; up to 83 per cent lower risk of osteoarthritis; up to 68 per cent lower risk of a hip fracture; up to 30 per cent lower risk of depression and dementia; and a 30 per cent lower risk of having falls (among older adults).

When you exercise you burn off more calories, when you build muscle your metabolism is in a higher gear to help continuing burning more calories more readily.

Exercise also improves low self-esteem, helps to lose body fat in conjunction with a safe eating plan and makes you feel good which is what my column is all about — feeling good!

So let’s have a mad March, get moving and be focused on our mind, bodies and souls.

I am always happy to help answer any questions, or if you would like advice on what activities you can do, then please feel free to email me.

Have a great month.

Emma-Jane Taylor

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