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Offering you two studios in one

STUDIO ONE offers a wide variety of classes within two studios.

STUDIO ONE offers a wide variety of classes within two studios.

It runs group classes in the main studio, including Pilates Matwork, BarreConcept, Adult Ballet Barre and Yoga Studio.

The majority of classes are the popular matwork sessions which are the foundation and the most basic element of the pilates method, upon which all else rests.

Understanding matwork allows you to then go on to other classes such as reformer and barre.

In matwork, there is no support around you as you work against gravity to build core strength and flexibility making the floor work exercises the most challenging.

To make the classes varied and interesting each week, we use all types of small equipment that we can get our hands on, including stability balls, balance balls, toning circles, foam rollers and weights.

In our second studio, we offer Group Reformer and the new Bodhi Suspension Training classes as well as private matwork and reformer one-to-ones.

We are delighted to introduce our new Group Reformer teacher, Rachel Lloyd, who is taking over our Reformer sessions in August.

Rachel is a very established Pilates and Reformer instructor and she is offering taster sessions that you can book for individually over the summer holiday period.

The Reformer is a machine with a sliding bed attached to springs which provides resistance to help you “reform” muscle imbalances, strengthen and lengthen the body. We also include jumpboards to add a cardiovascular element.

Bodhi Suspension System classes start in September. What is Bodhi? Heard of TRX? This is the pilates version. A dynamic, whole body suspension system that challenges core strength, flexibility and proprioception. The Bodhi system offers four potential points of suspension to maximise stability training — a great complement to your pilates class.

Studio One has been running for nearly 10 years and is owned by Sarah Palmer (BCPA Lev 3 Adv), a pilates and BarreConcept qualified teacher. She has more than 25 years of experience in the fitness industry and runs a small team of highly qualified professionals, each adding their own flair and expertise.

For more information on courses, call Sarah on 07734 533731 or email

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