Sunday, 22 May 2022

Good idea but we’re not prepared yet, say chairmen

BOTH sports clubs said they were interested in looking after the pavilion but were cautious about agreeing to do so in the near future.

Neil Boddington, chairman of the cricket club, said: “We are not in conflict with the council — in many ways we are in agreement and we are generally supportive of the idea.

“We’ve been talking to them about it because they don’t want to spend so much money on the pavilion. We haven’t had the opportunity yet to go through all the figures and we don’t know if it’s something we can afford to undertake as a sports club, but in principle we think it’s a decent idea. There’s still a bit of talking about it to be done.”

Mr Boddington added that the club would still like to relocate as it had grown in recent years and it was “a bit disappointed” that the council had not supported it on this.

Keith Woolfson, chairman of the football club, said: “In the past, we weren’t happy that the pavilion wasn’t being fixed fast enough as we had leaks and damage that needed a quick response.

“I think the building is not being used enough during the day and it could be used a lot more. We would love to have more autonomy and control of the building but we can’t move to full control of it until we are in a good place financially.

“Our club is run by volunteers who joined because they love the sport and it would be hard to ask them to run a building.

“We have more teams than a town the size of Watlington normally has, so it’s a lot of work on the shoulders of a few people, but we are doing our best.”

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