Wednesday, 21 April 2021

Proceeds of Gillotts land sale will improve sports facilities

GILLOTTS School, a secondary academy off Gillotts Lane, says it would use the proceeds from the sale of its land for new sports facilities, including an all-weather multi-use games area, and the levelling of the remaining fields, both of which the community could use.

Other improvements could include a new hall with retractable seating, also available to the community, a new creative technology centre to teach digital skills such as computer-aided design and a learning support centre for pupils with special needs.

The idea has been in the pipeline since 2014 and the Department for Education gave the land sale the go-ahead the following year.

Gillotts says the Government won’t offer funding as the school’s condition isn’t dire enough while no private benefactors have come forward and it wouldn’t be feasible to raise the money through appeals and events.

The school insists that it has exhausted all options and the work is urgently needed as it already has spent thousands of pounds on repairs and once had to stop using a classroom due to leaking pipework.

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