Monday, 17 January 2022

Green grammar

Green grammar

THE manager of Henley Golf Club (I’ll spare his blushes by not naming him) might be somewhat embarrassed by this notice in his name on the course in Harpsden.

The main problem is apostrophes with ones missing after the word “members” and before the “s” in the word “managers” and one unnecessarily inserted in the word “Matts”, which should read “Mats” anyway.

However, it gets worse as “neighboring” is missing a “u” and the sentence should run into the next line beginning “gardens...” instead of there being another bullet point.

Needless to say, a picture of the sign caused quite a stir on social media.

Matt (would you believe it?) Richardson called the errors “insidious” and “idiotic”, adding: “I am holding down the vomit...”

I feel sure the aforementioned manager might use a different signwriter next time.

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