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Mixed fortunes for Henley in Manchester Unity League

HENLEY ran out 51-46 winners in a rain affected five mixed triples friendly at WALLINGFORD.

HENLEY ran out 51-46 winners in a rain affected five mixed triples friendly at WALLINGFORD.

Norman Daniells’ triple allowed their opponents to score only on two of the 10 ends they played in winning 15-3 while skip Malcolm Johnson’s triple returned a card showing a lead of 11 shots, four after 11 ends. David Silvester’s triple were holding an advantage of three shots after 12 ends but Frank Powell’s and Arthur Daniells’ triples were down when play stopped.

Scores (Henley names): J Cross, J Thompson, D Silvester 11-8; A Scott, P Hawes, Malcolm Johnson 11-4; S Daniells, R Kingston, N Daniells 15-3; T Dombey, R Sayer, A Daniels 5-11; M Johnson, D Woodford, F Powell 9-10.

HENLEY ran out 86-75 winners at home to GORING on Saturday in a five mixed triples Manchester Unity League match. Henley secured eight league points to their opponents’ four.

Skips David Silvester and Frank Powell led their triples to finish six shots to the good after the former was level and the latter was leading by eight shot at 12 ends. Gill Robins’ triple, having achieved a lead of 10 shots, saw it dwindle away to be level with one end to play but they asserted themselves to win by three shots while Cliff Blakeway’s triple had a similar experience, but the last end went against them by one shot.

Scores (Henley names): A Scott, J Thompson, D DSilvester 17-11; R Kingston, N Daniells, G Robins 20-17; S Daniells, L Snelgrove, C Blakeway 18-19; M Johnson, D Maybury, A Daniels 12-15. J Bonar, M Robins, F Powell 19-13.

On Sunday HENLEY lost their five mixed triples Manchester Unity League match at home to HARWELL by 84 points to 74 with the hosts picking up four league points to the visitors’ eight.

Arthur Daniels’ triple held their nerve in a low scoring game, with 14 of the 18 ends being won by one shot and the other four by two, to finish two shots in front. However, Frank Powell’s triple won by one shot after losing three of the last four ends.

The last four ends troubled John Eatwell’s triple as well, losing out on them to go down by four shots, while Gill Robins’ triple saw their lead whittled away over those last few ends losing out by four shots. Cliff Blakeways’ triple won three of their last four ends, although just losing out in their game, where only two ends resulted in more than a one shot win.

Scores (Henley names): A Crisa, D Maybury, A Daniels 12-10; S Daniells, L Snelgrove, C Blakeway 9-14; R Maybury, M Robins, F Powell 21-20; J Bonar, M Johnson, J Eatwell 15-19; R Kingston, N Daniells, G Robins 17-21.

WATLINGTON ran out 94-90 away to WALLINGFORD on Sunday in a friendly match made up of a mixture of triples and rinks.

Watlington’s top rink was skipped by John Lewis, lead by Pat White and Carol Nall playing at number two in a triple.

SHIPLAKE ran out winners in a five rinks mixed friendly at home to WOODLEY last Wednesday by 50 shots.

Stars of the afternoon were the rink skipped by Roger Pitcher who won by 26 shots with their opponents only picking up three singles and a two. Mick Lovejoy and Trevor Beaumont both won by 10 with Barrie Evans coming home eight to the good.

Scores (Shiplake names): W Buss, V Harris, G Clinch, T Beaumont 21-11; E Davis, M Barnett, E Orchard, B Evans 20-12; M Bullock, D Lloyd, M Stafford, W Cross 14-18; S Stretch, J Munnelly, P Mansfield, R Pitcher 31-5; V Beaumont, M Pelling, J Snook, M Lovejoy 22-14.

SHIPLAKE went down to a 72-67 defeat at home to MAIDENHEAD TOWN on Saturday in a four triples friendly. Graham Kennedy was the pick of the home side’s bowlers, winning by seven with Sylvia Blackmore winning by two. Roger Pitcher scored six in the last three ends to draw 17 apiece.

Scores (Shiplake names): J Webb, D Buckett, G Kennedy 22-15; E Davis, P Mansfield, H West 9-23; W Buss, E Pelling, R Pitcher 17-17; M Pelling, I Robinson, S Blackmore 19-17.

On Sunday visitors SHIPLAKE defeated TILEHURST in a six triples mixed friendly by 110 shots to 75.

Graham Clinch’s triple kept their noses in front all through the game to finish 12 up. Skips Helen Robinson, David Bullock, Daphne Jacob and Wendy Cross all finished eight shots to the good for the visitors.

Scores (Shiplake names): M Bullock, P Mansfield, P Christmas 14-23; M Belcher, I Robinson, W Cross 19-11; D Taylor, E Orchard, D Jacob 19-11; J Webb, J Snook, D Bullock 18-10; S Stretch, M Shepherd, G Clinch 24-12; D Harris, F Benham, H Robinson 16-8.

On Saturday PEPPARD held their annual Clarrie Cook competition. The winners were Val Rees and Mavis Gomm while runners-up were Ruth Copp and Pat Gibbons.

PEPPARD lost out to THREE MILE CROSS in a five rinks friendly match by just one shot. Skip Geof Mitson and his team stormed ahead from the start, held the lead all the way and finished 16 shots ahead.

Scores (Peppard names): Pat Gibbons, Brian Evans, Val Rees, Bob Eldred 17-20; John Crowley, Mavis Gomm, Ruth Copp, Tony Reid 18-21; Derek Hepburn, Chris Eldred, Peter Borseberry, John Rees 14-18; Maureen Richens, Gordon Richens, Chris Mitson, Peter Watkins 16-23; John Waterfall, Janet McCulley, Ruth Copp, Geoff Mitson 26-10.


P W L D F A Ps

Hurst 15 11 3 1 1481 1066 127

Palmer Park 17 10 4 3 1518 1258 126

Burghfield 13 10 2 1 1184 962 105

Shiplake 15 8 6 1 1253 1199 94

Un of Read 16 6 7 3 1336 1305 88

Goring 14 5 8 1 961 1134 83

Henley 13 5 7 1 1008 1064 73

Harwell 14 5 8 1 1028 1247 65

Pangbourne 15 3 10 2 1097 1433 61

Peppard 14 3 11 1061 1259 54


P W L D F A Ps

Shiplake 7 7 0 0 734 530 70

Watlington 7 4 3 0 721 718 44

Caversham 6 2 4 0 522 549 28

Henley 5 2 3 0 352 450 26

Peppard 7 1 6 0 502 584 24


Division 2

P F A D Ps

Shiplake 12 1008 879 129 42.0

South Oxford A 12 966 862 104 41.5

Thame 12 980 902 78 41.0

Charlbury 12 879 890 -11 39.5

Bicester 12 845 924 -79 37.0

Kidlington 12 853 922 -69 29.5

Witney Town 12 829 981 -152 21.5

Division 3

P F A D Ps

Watlington 14 1140 1011 129 49.0

Chipping Nort 14 1052 1039 13 47.0

Oxford 14 1044 1006 38 46.5

Headington B 14 1122 1013 109 46.0

City & County B 14 1128 1091 37 39.0

Blackbird Leys 14 1048 1121 -73 38.0

Bloxham 14 1021 1131 -110 37.0

Woodstock 14 998 1152 -154 33.5

All smiles: the Shiplake side that won the Oxford and District League Division 2 title last week. Back row, left to right, Trevor Beaumont, Francis Benham, David Webb, John Chamberlain, Iain Robinson, David Harris, Graham Clinch, Barrie Evans (captain); middle row, Phil Buckett, Alan Melville, Mark Belcher, Matt Shepherd, Graham Kennedy; front row, David Buckett, John Munnelly, Barry Lambourne, Roger Pitcher, Jim Bland. Watlington also gained promotion after winning Division 3.

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