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Trump wins again (as Mr Potato Head)

Trump wins again (as Mr Potato Head)

A POTATO effigy of Donald Trump was among the winning entries at this year’s Goring Greenfingers spring show.

The figure of the American president, dressed with a miniature suit and tie and a blonde wig made from dolls’ hair and sticky tape, was entered in one of the adult craft categories by new club member Rosemary Brook.

The 60-year-old, who retired as head of art at Rupert House School in Henley two years ago, also came first in the spring bonnet class and won the prize for best patio container with a mix of flowering plants.

Mrs Brook, who lives in Whitchurch Hill with her husband Nigel and their three cats, said: “I thought of Donald Trump as soon as I knew there was a special ‘potato man’ category. You hear so many things about him on the news that are just beyond belief so it seemed appropriate.

“I’ve always enjoyed making things and couldn’t help but laugh as I was making his little suit from scraps of fabric on my sewing machine.

“I was really proud of how it finally turned out and it got a great reception — as soon as I entered the hall, everyone was very amused and wanted to know more about it.

“I was pleased to win three awards as it was the first time I’d entered a gardening competition and I will definitely be competing again in future. I’ve always enjoyed gardening but never had the time to get involved in things like this until I retired.”

Jacqueline Wilkins took home the Davis Cup for most points in show for the fourth time in five years.

Mrs Wilkins, of Cleevemead, Goring, scored 26 points after winning the vase of any other flower, vase of five different spring flowers, spring floral arrangement and lemon cheesecake classes and being placed second in seven other categories. 

The runner-up was Jim Thomas, with 19 points followed by Margaret King with 17. The best adult exhibit was a pot of cyclamen entered by Patricia Bradstock, the show’s chairwoman, while the best children’s entry was a spring hat made by Alexandra Kenny, 10.

Mrs Bradstock said there were slightly more entries in this year’s show compared with last year.

She said: “It was such a lovely day — the sun shone through on all the exhibits and lightened everyone up. We had a lot of visitors from outside, not just club members, so we sold a lot of teas and made a nice little profit.

“I thought the potato Trump was absolutely brilliant and, along with the Easter bonnets, it brought a lot of colour and fun to the afternoon.”

The full results were as follows:

Davis Cup for most points in show — 1st Jacqueline Wilkins; 2nd Jim Thomas; 3rd Margaret King

Best exhibit in show, adult — Patricia Bradstock

Best exhibit in show, children – Alexandra Kenny


Specimen bloom of trumpet daffodil — 1st Margaret Robson; 2nd David Woodage; 3rd Imogen Smart

Specimen bloom or stem of narcissus —1st Jim Thomas;  2nd Margaret Robson; 3rd Christie Leary

Vase, one each of three varieties of trumpet daffodil – 1st Jim Thomas; 2nd Jenny Emerton; 3rd Margaret King

Vase, one each of three varieties of narcissi — Jim Thomas

Vase of three stems of narcissi with more than one bloom on each stem — 1st Jim Thomas; 2nd Jacqueline Wilkins; 3rd Val Calladine

Vase of miniature daffodils or narcissi, three stems, one variety —1st Jenny Emerton; 2nd Alexandra Kenny; 3rd Margaret Robson

One specimen bloom of tulip — 1st Margaret King; 2nd Sally Alder; 3rd David Woodage

Vase of tulips, three blooms of the same variety — 1st Val Calladine; 2nd David Woodage

Vase of hellebores, five stems — 1st Patricia Woodage; 2nd Jacqueline Wilkins; 3rd Jenny Emerton

Vase of muscari, five stems — 1st Imogen Smart; 2nd Sally Alder; 3rd David Woodage

Vase of polyanthus, five stems — 1st Jim Thomas; 2nd Rosemary Brook; 3rd Sally Alder

Vase of primroses, five stems — 1st Margaret Robson; 2nd Jacqueline Wilkins; 3rd Rosemary Brook

Vase of violas, five stems — 1st Alexandra Kenny; 2nd Jacqueline Wilkins

Vase of any other flower, five stems — 1st Jacqueline Wilkins; 2nd Rosemary Brook; 3rd Jim Thomas

Vase of five different spring flowers with foliage — Jacqueline Wilkins

Vase of five different flowering trees or shrubs — 1st Sandra Anniss; 2nd Margaret Robson; 3rd Sally Alder

Pot or bowl of any flowering plant(s) — 1st Patricia Bradstock; 2nd Jacqueline Wilkins; 3rd Margaret King

Free-standing patio container of any size with a mixture of any flowering plants — Rosemary Brook

Spring floral arrangement in a bowl or container — 1st Jacqueline Wilkins; 2nd Sally Alder

Tied spring posy in a glass — 1st Imogen Smart; 2nd Jacqueline Wilkins; 3rd Margaret King  


Three sticks of rhubarb —1st Christie Leary; 2nd Mair Huggard; 3rd Jim Thomas

Any other vegetable — 1st David Woodage, purple sprouting broccoli; 2nd Jim Thomas; 3rd Christie Leary


One jar of orange marmalade — 1st Margaret King; 2nd= Patricia Bradstock and Jacqueline Wilkins

Six fingers of caramel shortbread — 1st Margaret King; 2nd Imogen Smart; 3rd Margaret Robson

One honey and banana loaf — 1st Mair Huggard; 2nd Margaret King; 3rd Imogen Smart

Six sausage rolls — 1st Mair Huggard; 2nd Margaret Robson; 3rd Margaret King

Lemon cheesecake — 1st Jacqueline Wilkins; 2nd Patricia Woodage; 3rd Mair Huggard


Spring bonnet or hat, adults — 1st Rosemary Brook, 2nd Margaret King, 3rd Patricia Woodage

Spring bonnet or hat, children — Alexandra Kenny

Artists’ interpretation of the theme “potato man” — 1st Rosemary Brook; 2nd Sandra Anniss; 3rd Dru Kenny

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