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Green-fingered couple snap up most show prizes (again)

Green-fingered couple snap up most show prizes (again)

A FOUNDER member of Goring Greenfingers swept the board at the gardening club’s 23rd annual summer show for the second year running.

Jeanne Davis, a former villager who now lives in Preston Crowmarsh with her husband Rodney, took home eight of the 17 main trophies and certificates, including both “special class” cups for top tray and top vase and the Challenge Cup for most points in the flower section.

She was also awarded the Derek & Christie Entertainers Cup for most points in show after winning 13 of the 47 individual classes, including six in the flower section, two in vegetables, four in cookery and one for flower arranging.

Her husband won the certificate for best flowers and best exhibit in show plus four flower and two vegetable classes.

Last year, Mrs Davis won 23 titles while in 2012 she and her husband took home more than half of the available prizes between them. This year the couple won more than a third.

Another strong contender was show chairman David Woodage, of Elvendon Road, Goring, who took home 16 prizes, beating the 15 he won in 2013.

The 76-year-old won the Challenge Cup for fruit and vegetables, the Royal Horticultural Society’s Banksian Medal and the certificate for best vegetables in show with his five runner beans.

He won three flower classes and one each in fruit and cookery plus eight in vegetables, including two for potatoes.

Jim Thomas, who was the runner-up at this year’s Greenfingers spring show, won 10 awards, including the Goring Horticultural Society Plaque for photography and two individual photography classes for his entries, Up The Garden Wall and Gone But Not Forgotten.

New club member Dru Kenny won the Challenge Cup for flower arranging, the certificate for best flower arrangement in show and two classes in flower arranging and photography.

Rosemary Brook, another new member, won four classes — single stem flower, cucumber, three peppers and strangest-looking vegetable, a kohlrabi that had been split in half.

There were 168 entries, slightly fewer than at last summer’s show, and 17 of the club’s 45 members took part.

The public could visit free of charge and there was a plant and jam sale and a tombola.

Mr Woodage said: “We were a bit worried because fewer members entered than usual but they submitted a lot of entries so it was almost as good as last year.

“The judges were very pleased with the quality of entries. We also had quite a few visits from people who’d come to Goring to see George Michael’s house, which still seems to be popular. They stopped and bought a few things at the stalls, which was nice.

“Jeanne and Rodney always do well but it’s well-deserved as they are talented, precise gardeners. They judge other competitions elsewhere so they know what we’re looking for.”

The full list of winners was as follows:

Cups and medals

Special class A, top vase cup — Jeanne Davis

Special class B, top tray cup — Jeanne Davis

Challenge Cup for most points in flower section — Jeanne Davis

Silver Threads Cup for best hanging basket — Jeanne Davis

Goring Mill Gallery Cup for best patio container — Jeanne Davis

Challenge Cup for fruit and vegetables section — David Woodage

Challenge Cup for flower arranging — Dru Kenny

Davis Challenge Cup for cookery — Jeanne Davis

Goring Horticultural Society Plaque for photography — Jim Thomas

Derek & Christie Entertainers Cup for most points in show — Jeanne Davis

Royal Horticultural Society Banksian Medal for most points in horticultural sections — David Woodage


Best flowers in show and best exhibit in show — Rodney Davis

Best fruit in show (plate of raspberries) — Margaret Robson

Best vegetables in show (five runner beans) — David Woodage

Best flower arrangement in show — Dru Kenny

Best cookery in show – Jeanne Davis

Best photograph in show — Jim Thomas


Dahlias, cactus or semi-cactus, three blooms — David Woodage

Dahlias other than cactus, semi-cactus or pompom, three blooms — Rodney Davis

Pompom dahlias, three blooms — David Woodage (2nd only)

Dahlia, one specimen bloom, any variety — Rodney Davis

Pelargonium in a pot — Jenny Emerton

Pelargonium, three heads — Jeanne Davis

Foliage plant in a pot — Jim Thomas

Fuchsia in pot – Rodney Davis (best exhibit in show)

Orchid in pot — Jim Thomas

Plant in pot — Jenny Emerton

One rose, specimen bloom — Jeanne Davis

Roses, cycle of three stages — Phil Robson

Gladiolus, one specimen bloom — David Woodage

Flower, single stem — Rosemary Brook

Blooms, five mixed stems — Jeanne Davis

Cactus — Christie Leary

Succulent — Jenny Emerton

Hanging basket, one variety of plant — Rodney Davis

Hanging basket, mixture of plants — Jeanne Davis

Patio container, mixture of plants — Jim Thomas

Patio container, one variety of plant — Jeanne Davis

Vase of mixed flowers and foliage — Jeanne Davis


Dish of three apples — Margaret Robson

Dish of soft fruit — Margaret Robson

Dish of seven plums — no entries

Dish of any other fruit — David Woodage (damsons)


Five potatoes, white — David Woodage

Five potatoes, any colour — David Woodage

Three onions over 250g — no entries

Three onions under 250g — Jim Thomas (2nd only)

Seven shallots — David Woodage

Five runner beans — David Woodage

Five French beans – David Woodage

Three carrots — Jeanne Davis

Three sticks of rhubarb — Christie Leary

Three beetroot — David Woodage

Three courgettes — David Woodage

Cucumber — Rosemary Brook

Squash — Jim Thomas

Five cherry tomatoes — Rodney Davis

Three tomatoes other than cherry — Margaret Robson

One ripening truss of tomatoes — Jeanne Davis

Heaviest marrow — Jim Thomas

Heaviest potato — Christie Leary

Largest onion — no entries

Longest runner bean — Rodney Davis

Strangest-looking vegetable — Rosemary Brook

Three peppers, hot or sweet — Rosemary Brook

Any other vegetable – David Woodage (three leeks)

Vase of mixed herbs – Jenny Emerton

Trug or other container of garden
produce — Christie Leary

Flower arranging

Flower arrangement in a tea cup or egg cup — Dru Kenny

Table centre arrangement of flowers and foliage — Jeanne Davis


One jar of blackcurrant jam — David Woodage

One jar of lemon curd — Jeanne Davis

One jar of chutney — Christie Leary

Victoria sponge — Patricia Woodage

Soda bread — Jeanne Davis

Six chocolate brownies — Jeanne Davis

Savoury tartlets — Jeanne Davis (2nd only)


Blooming Marvellous — Dru Kenny

Up the Garden Wall — Jim Thomas

Gone but Not Forgotten — Jim Thomas

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