Tuesday, 26 October 2021

Residents want more dog bins

MORE dog waste bins could be installed on the outskirts of Goring.

The parish council has agreed to consider buying one for the eastern end of Gatehampton Road and another for the Ridgeway path near Withymead nature reserve.

This follows complaints by residents.

Julie Broadhurst, who lives in Gatehampton Road, told the council that dog walkers regularly discarded bags of mess on nearby verges or left them on the fence around her field.

She put up a makeshift bin by hanging a plastic sheet from the 30mph sign at the edge of the village and discovered people were willing to use that instead.

She said: “It drives me mad how people hang bags of poo from the fence but I’ve proven that they would use a bin if it was there.”

South Stoke parish councillor Chris Bertrand has said there aren’t enough bins between his village and Goring, which forces walkers to carry their bags for most of their journey.

The two parish councils will work together to seek quotes.

Oxfordshire County Council, the highways authority, must give permission to install them on roadside verges.

• Goring Parish Council has refused a request by a vilager to order dog owners to keep their pets on leads while walking around Sheepcot recreation ground, saying it would be impossible to enforce.

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