Tuesday, 28 September 2021

Bollards to deter bad driving

FOUR bollards could be installed in Goring high street to deter motorists from driving or parking on the pavement.

The parish council is to investigate whether they could go outside the offices of estate agent Davis Tate where the road narrows and some drivers mount the footway to squeeze past oncoming traffic.

Councillor David Brooker, who is leading efforts to improve the high street, said: “It’s becoming a joke. Councillor Catherine Hall was nearly run over the other day and then verbally abused.

“The highways authority has rights over that footpath so my understanding is that we could install bollards.

“It would cause a lot of inconvenience to anyone trying to pull up there.”

Councillor Matthew Brown expressed concern that this might obstruct traffic in an emergency.

But council chairman Kevin Bulmer said there was enough space on the opposite pavement.

He added: “People are being inconsiderate by parking on the footpath and they just don’t care.”

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