Tuesday, 26 March 2019

Bollards installed

TWO new bollards have been installed in Goring high street to stop vehicles mounting the pavement.

They are on the northern side of the street outside McColl’s newsagents, where the road narrows to a single lane and drivers going west towards Goring bridge are meant to give way to those coming the opposite way.

In practice they often don’t do this, which forces oncoming vehicles to mount the pavement to let them pass.

Residents and parish councillors complained to Oxfordshire County Council, the highways authority, saying pedestrians were being put at risk.

The council said only two bollards could be installed because the rest of that pavement is so narrow that any more could prevent wheelchair users or people with buggies from passing.

The parish council has paid £2,735 for the work.

A new speed cushion is expected to be placed outside the Davis Tate office and a be planter or litter bin could placed between the two bollards.

Parish councillor David Brooker, who has been campaigning for improvements in High Street for years, said: “Hopefully, this shows that we’re doing our best to make the pavements safer for pedestrians.”

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