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Couple on ‘three-legged’ half marathon

Couple on ‘three-legged’ half marathon

A COUPLE raised more than £800 towards the cost of Orla’s operation by running a “three-legged” half-marathon.

Liz and Mark Cusack, of Lockstile Way, Goring, completed the race at Windsor in about two hours and 45 minutes while dressed as a bride and groom and tied together at the ankle and knee.

Both are keen runners and had planned to tackle the feat to set a Guinness World Record but changed their goal when they learned they had to finish in one hour and 50 minutes for it to count.

They wanted to support the family as their eldest son William, 16, has been friends with Orla’s brother Tristan for more than a decade.

The Cusacks have taken part in endurance events before so only had to do a little extra training.

However, they only undertook one 200m 
practice run in their street while tied together before the big day.

Mrs Cusack said: “We worked out that it was better for me to be to Mark’s left and have our knees joined.

“We got a lot of raised eyebrows and funny looks from builders and dog walkers who wondered what we were up to.”

She said the race wasn’t as challenging as she had feared, although they had to walk up hills to avoid putting too much strain on their joints. They always stopped or started running at the same time following a countdown to avoid tripping each other up.

Mrs Cusack said: “We got a lot of attention — people were asking whether we were about to get married or were already married and whether we were likely to stay married by the end of it.

“I was worried about the risk of falling while running downhill but that turned out to be fine and it helped that we’d agreed our stopping and starting technique before the race.

“I’m pretty happy with how we did as we finished quicker than some people who were running alone and it really helped to have someone to chat with the whole way around. It was great fun and highly recommended.

“The community’s support for Orla has been fantastic. It wasn’t easy for her mother Nicola to ask for help when she was in a tight spot but it shows that people will respond when they see others in need.”

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