Friday, 10 July 2020

No fake news, please

THE good folk of Goring and Woodcote know nonsense when they see it.

Scores of households in the villages have mysteriously received a copy of a “newspaper” called the Epoch Times in the post.

The publication, which is based in America and also operates a website, has recently made a number of widely disproven claims about the coronavirus pandemic.

It alleges, among other things, that it didn’t emerge from an animal market in the Wuhan province of China but was deliberately engineered by the country’s scientists. This has previously been suggested by American president Donald Trump, whom the paper supports.

The newspaper, which also sympathises with far-right organisations based in Europe, came with an appeal for donations to Falun Gong, a religious sect outlawed by Chinese authorities which has links with its publisher.

However, bemused villagers mocked it on social media. One joked: “We got a copy. However, these days I get all my conspiracies from Facebook”, while another said: “I’ll read it for ****s and giggles”.

A third said: “It’s much worse than just tinfoil hat conspiracy theory weirdos, it’s appalling extremist nonsense in a whole range of ways... straight in the bin, where its vile ideas belong.”

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