Tuesday, 19 January 2021

Children create replica of famous depiction of Jesus

Children create replica of famous depiction of Jesus

PUPILS in year 6 at Goring Primary School recreated a well-known painting of Jesus to celebrate Advent.

Each of the 27 students contributed one panel to the replica of The Light of the World, which was originally painted by William Holman Hunt in 1854.

It depicts Jesus knocking on a door which is overgrown with weeds and is based on a Bible passage which encourages people to welcome him into their lives.

Year teacher Ailsa Toolin came up with the idea as the children have been studying the Victorians this term as well as discussing the spiritual themes of Christmas.

The painting, which is three times the size of the original, will be displayed in the school hall so that it can be seen during worship. Mrs Tooley said: “We had previously painted portraits of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert so the children had a really good idea of proportion and colour.

“This was harder because they were only painting part of a bigger work and some individual pieces were quite abstract.

“But I was impressed at how well they worked together and they finished it in a single afternoon.

“They were comparing their work to ensure the pieces matched, so it taught them the importance of teamwork and they were really captivated by the finished product.

“It’s very symbolic as there’s a lot of darkness in the world with the coronavirus pandemic and we all need some light and hope.”

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