Saturday, 15 May 2021

Goring: Judi Green (Lab)

I GREW up in Woodcote and went to Gillotts and The Henley College. I live in Whitchurch with my husband and three children. I am a teacher at a comprehensive school in Reading.

Oxfordshire is a beautiful place with real prosperity but I see every day the effects of austerity-driven cuts to public services. State schools are at breaking point, young people are unable to afford houses in the places they grew up in, the care system for our elderly and vulnerable is broken, and the hard work of public servants such as nurses and carers is not valued.

As your councillor I will strive to protect and rebuild local services, create sustainable housing policy, a vastly improved public transport network, safe and continuous cycle routes and footpaths and meet Oxfordshire’s environmental target to be zero-carbon by 2050. I will oppose further expensive and wasteful outsourcing of future council contracts.

I will work to reinstate adequate funding of youth provision and libraries, a vastly improved system of residential and home care and first-rate state education.

I will fight tirelessly so that all children benefit from the opportunities that well-funded schools with valued teachers, excellent resources and facilities provide.

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