Wednesday, 19 January 2022

Council agrees to renew Standard subscription... again

GORING Parish Council has voted to renew its subscription to the Henley Standard for the second time in less than two months.

It decided to cancel the £70 subscription in the summer but then reversed this at a meeting in October only for this decision to be declared unlawful because the issue had not been on the agenda for the meeting.

Now it has reinstated the decision at its latest meeting.

Councillor Lawrie Reavill, who receives the copy of the Standard to circulate to other members, said: “There are a number of pieces in the Henley Standard relating to villages within a 15-mile radius and there are usually items about Goring. The Goring Gap News only appears monthly whereas the Henley Standard appears weekly.

“I think it’s a good thing we should know how we are regarded by both the Goring Gap News and the Henley Standard. No other paper will consider Goring.

“The cost of it is very modest and if anybody’s worried about the cost of it I will sponsor it because I think it’s worth having. We had the little summaries of what’s going on in the Henley Standard collated by Mike [Ward, former assistant clerk] for a long time before he left and I think it’s very useful. I think we should support a local newspaper.”

Councillor Bryan Urbick said: “If Laurie wants to continue to get the Henley Standard he can pay for it himself, it’s not that much money. I think it’s a waste of money because it’s not really a local paper because there’s 50 pages and two pages are Woodcote and Goring. We’re not Henley-wannabes, we’re Goring.

“So I then question why spend because why do we care what other people say and why do villagers want to pay for us to see what’s said about us?”

Council chairman Kevin Bulmer said he agreed it was useful to hear about what was going on in neighbouring villages but that he was uncomfortable with the residents of Goring paying for the council to see news coverage.

The council voted to continue the subscription, with Cllrs Urbick and David Brooker voting against and Cllr Bulmer abstaining.

Goring Gap News is a monthly magazine delivered free to every household in the village.

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